Change the world

The Faculty of Law is committed to producing quality law graduates who are equipped to contribute to the betterment of society – in line with the university’s core intellectual and social project – by providing an environment that is conducive to teaching, learning, research and engagement, with staff and student morale seen as being crucial to attaining the desired objectives. On the research front, the faculty is producing an increasing body of publications in various areas of law, including transdisciplinary areas and areas that influence legal policy and practice.

The Centre for Law in Action has increased its footprint to cover seven provinces and has established an international presence – mainly in the fields of law enforcement and access to justice. The Labour and Social Security Law Unit is Engaged Law nationally recognised for the training it provides, particularly in the area of Labour Law, and the Law Clinic, Refugee Rights Centre, mobile law clinics and Street Law programme provide key services to the broader Nelson Mandela Bay area. The faculty has formalised a number of important strategic appointments and relationships with distinguished judges, legal practitioners and academics during the past few years and has firm plans to introduce a “Judge-in-residence” on a regular basis when circumstances permit. The presence of all these legal luminaries and their consequent interaction with students will be an inspiration to the next generation of legal scholars at Nelson Mandela University. In addition, the faculty is working towards the creation of “LawLab”, which will leverage funding received to introduce state-of-the-art legal software and technology to the operations of the university Law Clinic. These and other developments have cumulatively resulted in a number of developments, such as increased internationalisation opportunities for staff and students. Meaningful engagement activities are increasingly occupying a central place in learning, teaching and research activities, as the faculty strives to support the university’s mission of existing and operating in service to society.