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Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor:

Research Innovation and Internationalisation

Prof Azwinndini Muronga

As part of Nelson Mandela University’s Vision 2020 (how the university sees itself in the year 2020) – our aim is to create and sustain an environment that encourages, supports and rewards a vibrant research, scholarship and innovation  culture. To achieve this, the following goals have been set:

  • To establish and expand research and innovation partnerships, collaborations, networks and linkages nationally and internationally.
  • To identify and develop institutional research themes.
  • To promote the commercialisation of research outcomes in the form of products, processes and services.
  • To provide an enabling policy and funding framework to improve research quality and productivity.
  • To increase and diversify external and internal financial resources available to support research-related activities.
  • To provide appropriate research and innovation infrastructure and support.
  • To promote, recognise, and reward research and innovation excellence.
  • To attract, nurture and develop research potential.
  • To attract and retain research talent.
  • To provide support to emerging researchers, postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows to become research active.
  • To create a culture of research in undergraduate students.
  • To enhance and improve the equity and gender and age profile of researchers.
  • To grow the pool of rated researchers.
  • To enhance and foster the scholarships of teaching, learning and engagement.
  • To enhance and promote research responsiveness.
Contact details
Natalie Slambee
Personal Assistant: Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Internationalisation
Tel: 041 504 2017